Joint Pain

Joint Injections

To help our patients with joint pain and dysfunction we employ state of the art Joint Injection Treatments. We use natural, anti-inflammatory SARAPIN or TRAUMEEL to treat the pain and inflammation. In severe cases, steroid injections are available.

To ensure that we are in the exact location that is causing the pain, we use Fluoroscopic Needle Guidance with Ultrasound. This allows us to visualize the joint and how the needle should be inserted into the joint. This ultimately provides the best results possible.

Joint Fluid Therapy

We at Advanced Healthcare know how debilitating knee pain can be, and how it can rob you of life’s simple pleasures. It can cause you to give up your favorite sport and leisure activities and makes the simplest of daily activities a battle. SUPARTZ JOINT FLUID Therapy helps to relieve joint pain and improve knee function so people can go back to their active lifestyles.

The SUPARTZ Joint Fluid Therapy consists of hyaluronate injections that are applied directly to your knee joints. Hyaluronate helps to replace lost synovial liquid that normally keeps your knees lubricated. This results in less pain, less degeneration and better mobility. For patients who are not able to get adequate relief from pain relievers or physical therapy, Hyaluronate (also known as SUPARTZ in trade) is usually employed.

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